Dean listening to fellow voters.

Here is some of your thoughtful feedback submitted from the Your Say form.

What do you think are the most important issues for the Federal government, and politicians, to be focused on?

“We should not have big business or corporations running our vital services. There must be a balance with the public and private sectors. There must be a system of checks and balances to keep things equitable. ”
“Job security. No zero hours policy. Protect penalty rates for Nurses (and other occupations) Renewable energy. Regulation of banks, telecommunications and insurance. Future planning for the elderly. Skilled migration. ”
“I think that the issues the Federal government should focus on are things such as education, healthcare, climate change and working to understand how average working middle class Australians want to see change and equality, or at the very least equity in things such as taxes, wages, cost of living etc.”
“Climate Health Education Transport ”
“The environment Funding for ABC NBN”

What currently frustrates you most about the government or politicians generally?

“I would just make you aware that my mother's (92 years old) block of 16 apartments most of whom are elderly are yet again without a phone for the 5th day now. This is a result of imposed NBN. Most of the elderly residence did not want it or need it and further it caused damaged and clutter creating a risk falls. Telstra flicks it back and even when they come under duress (several escalated calls) refuse to do anything of any substance and walk outusually rudely. Which is understandable in a sense as they are sick of being criticised personally for the Government's ineptitude. NBN can't be contacted and they flick it back. My Mother often hears of similiar stories from elsewhere The implemenation of the NBN by the Government is a shambles and potentially threatens the lifes of many elderly people who don't have mobiles etc. In the case of my Mother she no longer has the main phone in the bedroom (heart attack survivor) and was just told at the time of installing the NBN 'that's just the way it is lady...' I believe correcting the poor (and careless/arrogant) implemention of the NBN should be one of the priorities for the opposition and in particular the Warringah electorate given the high numbers of aged people. Thank you ”
“Most politicians are professional politicians, there is no conviction, and they don't have ideals.”
“My main frustration is that this current government has gone too far right in their views and actions . They have created instability again due to their far-right views . Also, i might add, we have too many politicians and not enough decision makers. This current government has no humanity at all. No long term planning on major issues --- only short term band-aid solutions for short term gains. I also think the government and politicians do not seem to understand how major a player Australia can be in the Asian region ( particularly , in Southeast Asia). Australia, being a melting pot of cultures, should praise itself more on this instead of playing divisive race politics. I also believe that politicians think they are above the common people when they put in place policies which attack working people and families, at the same time, saying that it is going to be a better system. A perfect example is the new Childcare subsidy payments from Centrelink....The worst of all is when pollies think they can give themselves approved pay rises when most of the country are struggling to make ends meet....let's not look to the middle classes for the votes alone...look at the lower middle classes and lower as well... I believe the swinging voters may also come from them not just the middle class. ”
“The current government and politicians in general (most not all), do not seem to understand the struggles or the daily lives of common Australians and seem to be more interested in bad mouthing one another than putting forward policies and procedures that will be of benefit to everyone in our country. It seems that rather than represent what the people in their electorates are voting for politicians and the government are working to achieve their own ends to further their own advantage rather than fighting for furthering the advantage of the people they supposedly represent. A lot of the views that I have heard from the government seem to be outdated and extreme so as to not be open to fresh and innovative perspectives. ”
“They do not hold themselves accountable; they are career politicians; they lack personal principles and social vision. They play party politics too much.... that is they go against what their electorate wants to satisfy party apparatchiks rather than remain representatives of the people. I want a person with Labor values; I don't want a party stooge!”
“Outrageous use of parliamentary expenses while simultaneously waging a war on Newstart recipients, focus on internal party politics instead of good policy, denial of climate change, policies based on politics and corporate interests rather than the needs of people ”
“Lack of action on the environment Infighting rather than making progress on the issues”
“I believe the majority of Australians are fair and moderate people. You wouldn’t think this the way our current government is operating! The loud voice of the far right is getting far too much attention, to the detriment of workable policy getting made. We need to work together, and a government that negotiates to meet the needs of the maiority. ”

Regardless of who wins at the next Federal election, what would you want your Federal Member for Warringah to focus on?

“I would like the member to focus on the public health system and all parts of the childcare industry, in particular, the school-age/OOSH industry. ”
“ - Representing the electorates view's as Tony Abbott does not - Helping climate change legislation get through parliament”
“Job security for all people and protecting penalty rates. ”
“Equality, I come from a family that represents many minority groups e.g. LGBTQI, mixed race, women etc, and I think that there needs to be a focus on equality and tolerance in all areas of policy and in every government department. There also needs to be equality in the sense of women's rights and changing the attitude women (or any other minority group) are less in any way. I believe that the budget also needs to be a focus. I do not claim to know much about it, however from what I do know there seems to be a focus on advancing big business rather than local business and every day people. The majority of Australian's struggle to get by day to day, even in the wonderful, quite well off area on the Northern Beaches and I think the government has lost touch with how the every day Australian lives. ”
“A proper solution for transport to Northern Beaches (not the tunnel) Sustainability”
“Affordable housing Sustainable development Public transport Looking after parks and beaches Supporting local businesses ”