At their Federal Council in June 2018, the Liberal Party made their stance on the ABC official – voting overwhelmingly to sell our national broadcaster to the highest bidder. This comes on top of over $200 million in cuts to the ABC budget, resulting in a loss of 1,100 jobs – a quarter of its workforce – since 2014.

I believe it’s vital that the ABC remains in public hands – and that it remain protected from commercial interests. The financial interests of a private company would inherently threaten the ABC’s capacity to produce Australian content and create the kind of programs that not only reflect back to us who we are, but give us new and greater understanding of what it means to be Australian.

A healthy and independent ABC is not only a fundamental part of our national identity (especially in a media landscape where commercial stations only give us more and more of the same) it’s also a vital pillar of a healthy democracy. Without the fearless, independent journalists of the ABC, our citizens would be less informed, and more vulnerable to the kind of fake news that’s causing problems all over the world.

I can’t imagine Australia without the ABC. It is one of our most precious national treasures.

Let’s keep it that way.

A Shorten Labor Government will:

  • Reverse Scott Morrison’s unfair cut of $83.7 million to the ABC.
  • Guarantee funding stability over the ABC’s three-year budget cycle.
  • Provide an additional $15 million to the ABC to:
    • Bolster regional news and emergency broadcasting.
    • Help restore shortwave radio in the Northern Territory.
    • Support a news literacy program to fight disinformation and fake news.

You can read our full plan to protect the ABC here.