The speed and reliability of our broadband network is a foundation stone of our capacity and performance as a nation in today’s world – in everything from business, to education, to science, to the arts, and simply our enjoyment of content and connection to each other.

It’s vital that all Australians have access to fast and reliable broadband through the NBN, and get it as soon as possible. But the Liberal coalition government is not only dragging its feet in the rollout of this vital piece of infrastructure, it’s tripping over itself. And as a nation – as citizens and as business owners – we need a better NBN. One that not only meets our needs for today, but for decades to come.

As the Labor member for Warringah, I will work hard to make the best of the flawed NBN rollout in our local community. For one thing, as part of a Labor government, I will ensure that where the NBN has yet to be rolled out, the current ‘Fibre to the Node’ connection is upgraded to the significantly faster and more reliable ‘Fibre to the Curb’.

I will push for a more consistent, even-handed rollout across the country – ensuring everyone gets the very fastest speeds possible as quickly as possible, and critically, that this vital infrastructure project doesn’t become a white elephant.

You can read the full details of Labor’s plan to fix the NBN here.