The current member for Warringah has called for the nationalisation of coal-fired power plants and an abandonment of the Paris Agreement. In my mind, that stance is not only backward, it’s dangerous. It is evidence of a fundamental disbelief in the science behind global warming.

I am backing the science, and I believe in evidence. And as your representative I would do everything I can to promote a greater uptake of renewable energy and real action on climate change.

The facts are that renewable energy sources like wind and sun are not only non-polluting, they’re never going to run out. And now, the technology has advanced to a place where renewable energy can be harnessed more cheaply than coal – making it the right option for our energy needs.

Beyond the pressing environmental need, a move to renewables also makes serious economic sense. Not only is it cheaper for consumers, renewable power presents Australia with an opportunity to become a world leader in a burgeoning industry – with all the economic and security benefits that go with it.

I’ve written more about this issue in Renew Economy, which you can read here.

A Shorten Labor Government will reduce pollution, invest in renewable energy and take real action on climate change – to ensure we hand on a better deal to the next generation.

After six years of chaos, uncertainty and rising pollution under the Liberals, Australians need stability and certainty on climate change policy – that’s what our plan delivers.

Ignoring climate change is simply not an answer.

Labor is committed to reducing Australia’s pollution by 45 per cent on 2005 levels by 2030 and net zero pollution by 2050.

We are also committed to 50 per cent renewable energy in our electricity mix by 2030.


You can read more about Labor’s climate policy here: