I don’t know about you, but for a long time I’ve been disheartened by the nature of the political debate in our country. Where once the two sides of politics would come together in the parliament to govern – to represent the members who elected them, and to do their very best for the nation they serve – nowadays we see little but childish insults, blind self-interest, and the reckless pursuit of agendas that benefit vested interests instead of the public good.

A large part of my motivation for running for the seat of Warringah is to try and bring back a sense of decency and fair-mindedness to our political landscape. I am not a party hack. I am a businessman and a member of the Warringah community. I have no barrow to push or donors to serve. My ambition is simply to serve you, the people of Warringah.

I pledge to act responsibly, in a fair-minded and decent way, and to co-operate with other elected representatives to govern in the public interest.

I believe we can do better.