This is a Federal election – and there are matters of national significance at stake. Vital choices about our energy future, the role of our ABC, and the effectiveness of the crippled NBN. But as your representative in the parliament, there’s nothing more important to me than doing better for the people of Warringah.


I’ll do better on helping Warringah create renewable energy and lower emissions

I promise to work with Local Government to establish a community-owned large-scale solar generation system to deliver more affordable power to businesses in Warringah and help our community do more to reduce carbon emissions.

I’ll do better for our natural environment

I’ll do everything I can to protect our beautiful native bushland, beaches and marine environments to ensure these precious parts of our environment are preserved for future generations.

I’ll do better on housing

I’ll work with State and Local government to provide more affordable rental housing and supported-accommodation services in Warringah. A Federal Labor government will also reform negative gearing and capital gains tax to remove distortions to the housing market and make buying a home more affordable.

I’ll do better for our public schools

With the support of a Federal Labor government, I’ll work to ensure our local public schools get the funding and resources they need. Labor has already pledged $14.9 million in additional funding for public schools in Warringah.  Find out how this benefits the schools near you here: Fair Go for Schools Website.

I’ll do better for the Northern Beaches TAFE

A Federal Labor government will provide hundreds of places at the Northern Beaches TAFE where the up-front fees are waived, as well as restoring the funding the TAFE needs to provide its vital services.

I’ll do better with the NBN in Warringah

Where the NBN is yet to be rolled out, a Federal Labor government will ensure ‘fibre to the curb’, increasing broadband internet speeds and improving reliability.

I’ll do better on traffic congestion

I’ll work with State and Local government to find better public transport options to ease congestion sooner.

I’ll do better on development

I’ll work with Local and State government to ensure future property development doesn’t outstrip the capacity of the community and local infrastructure.

But this is just the beginning. As I visit every corner of our electorate in the coming weeks and months, I’ll be asking you what you think we can do better – with a view to adding it to my action-list for Warringah.  You can even tell me right now by clicking here.