The single most effective action you can take to support the campaign is by providing a regular donation from now until the election date. This enables us to effectively plan campaign activities with the certainty your donation will support us.

Your support enables critical campaign activities:

  • $10 Reaches 500 Warringah voters on Facebook with our targeted ads.
  • $37 Pays for 100 pamphlets to be letterboxed.
  • $50 Enables 200 phone calls to undecided voters.
  • $175 Pays for shirts and materials for a volunteer door knocking group.
  • $500 Pays for corflutes and how to vote cards at 1 polling booth on election day.

Donations up to $1,500 to registered political parties may be tax deductible. Donations of over $12,100 are subject to disclosure under the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918. This is the reason we require your personal details when making a donation.

You will receive a receipt by email for each contribution you make. To cancel your subscription at any time, email
All subscriptions will be cancelled the day before the election.